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Virtual Halloween Party Ideas in UAE

Throwing a virtual Halloween party at home doesn’t have to be hard. You can choose from a variety of platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Houseparty, Google Meet or Facebook Rooms to help you get started.

Here are a few tips to spark your creativity and imagination so you can throw the most amazing Halloween virtual party right in the comfort of your own home!

    1.Send scary e-vites

    Create hype for your online Halloween party. Stir everyone’s curiosity and excitement with frightening email invitations. Let this set the tone for the spookiest bash your remote loved ones have ever seen!

    EXTRA TIP! How about dressing up in costume to record a chilling video invite?

    2. Choose a spooktacular theme

    Choosing a more specific theme can serve as the cornerstone for the success of your online Halloween celebration. This can help streamline your decorations, music, and food to create a fully encompassing party atmosphere. It can be wicked witch, ghosts or ghouls, zombies or even mad scientists! There’s so many themes to choose from!

    3. Decorate your fa-BOO-lous Zoom backdrop

    Add a wow factor to your Halloween party decoration. Set the scene right with our Halloween Decorations featuring popular, classic decorative pieces such as fake spider webs, plastic pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls hanging decorations and so much more! Don’t hold back your artistic urges. Depending on your Halloween party theme, dyou can transform your party venue easily into a creepy scene such as a mental asylum, a dungeon, or even a graveyard.

    You can even include Halloween Balloons to make your backdrop look even more creative.

    Last but not least, you can also decorate for your Zoom Halloween party easily by simply changing your Zoom background to sinister scenes. Consider these spooky Zoom background suggestions such as zombie wasteland, haunted house, graveyard, pumpkin patch, hotel hallway from “The Shining”, foggy forest, and so much more!

    4. Curate a spine-tingling, hair-raising playlist

    Select horror movie soundtracks and other terrifying tunes to add to your party playlist. You can play these in the background during your Zoom Halloween party.

    You can also find pre-made playlists on YouTube and Spotify as well.

    5. Make it a highly fun and interactive Halloween celebration

    Dressing up is always the best part of Halloween. No Halloween party would be complete without costumes and virtual celebrations are no exception! Make sure you encourage everyone by inviting your attendees to join the video call in costume.

    You can even host a costume contest online! Ask everyone who wants to participate to sign up at the beginning of the party. Then, ask everyone to show off their costumes and ask non-participants to vote for a winner. There are so many Halloween Costumes that everyone can choose from. Don’t forget to complement your look with the perfect Halloween Costume Accessories and Make up too!

    EXTRA PARTY TIP!Add a spooky twist to the usual trick-or treating by going for a drive-by or drop off trick or treating experience.

    6. Come for the BOOs, stay for the frighteningly good party treats!

    Impress your ghoulish guests as you amp up some plain ol’ Halloween party treats and snacks. From creepy-crawly finger foods to spooky and sweet desserts, make sure you serve it on delightful Halloween Tableware perfect for your in-home celebration.

    SPECIAL TIP: Practice your editing skills and get everyone in on a little digital secret. Get super creative and make it seem like everyone is sharing food and drinks in your party venue. Pass off party food to each other virtually and have the whole thing recorded live on Zoom to create the desired effect.

    7. Go for a Horror movie marathon

    Hop on a Zoom call, share your screen, and get ready for an online movie experience unlike any other. Get everyone screaming – either with fear or with laughter. You can set the mood right by live streaming Halloween movies or TV shows simultaneously. Surviving scary movie viewings is always easy when you’ve got company! Now don’t forget those movie snacks and serve popcorn on these Popcorn Boxes.

There you have it, some easy, fun and simple ideas to execute during your web-based Halloween bash. Just like any party, the key to hosting a virtual party is good planning and preparation. Find more ideas for other seasonal event celebrations on this page.

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