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Virtual Halloween Party Game Ideas in the UAE

Create a memorable, hair-raising virtual Halloween party experience for you and your loved ones with these excellent virtual Halloween party game ideas. Here are exciting ways to engage and entertain everyone for your online Halloween bash.

1. Guess the Halloween character

Go for an improv activity where each virtual party attendee acts out a distinct quirk or trait of a popular Halloween character while the rest must guess this Halloween character. Why not take it to the extreme by wearing Halloween Costumes and Halloween Costume Accessories.

To play:

  • The Game Host must send a private message to each team member to assign a specific Halloween character that they need to act out.
  • At the start of the game, Game Host must select who goes first, second, and so on and so forth, in acting out their assigned character.
  • Allow ten minutes for each of the non-actors to guess the identities of the Halloween character
  • Reveal the identities. Participant with the most number of correct answers – wins!

You can play as many rounds as you would like or as time allows.

2. Halloween virtual “bring me” game

Add a spooky twist to this classic “bring me” party game – online! Have a list of items that you can ask those participants to bring. It can go from the most simple to the most ridiculous even downright scary items you can find inside the house – like spiders, cockroaches and what have you’s! You can even check out our Halloween Creepy Crawly Super Mega Mix Favors for chilling ideas for your virtual game.

3. Lip Sync Battle – Halloween tunes only!

Organize a laugh out loud Halloween Lip Sync Battle! Inform your guests prior to your virtual Halloween day party to submit a video of themselves performing a lip sync of any popular Halloween tune. Participants can go solo, duo or as team. Invite a guest judge to select a winner!

4. Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin carving is another must on your virtual Halloween games or activities list! Simply ask everyone ask everyone to prepare their pumpkins ahead of time so they can just add the final finishing touches such as carving funny faces during your time online. Add more fun to the competition by selecting specific categories such as most unique, funniest, or scariest pumpkin!

5. Virtual Costume Contest

Ask everyone to show off their costumes during your group call. After all, it’s one of the best parts of Halloween! You can even challenge everyone to create their own costumes or even choose specific categories. Find a variety of costumes for toddlers, kids of all ages, teens and adults here.

6. Halloween Zoom In Game

Find a few Halloween-theme photos and zoom in on a certain item found on each photo and take a screen shot. Share the zoomed-in photos via screen sharing during your virtual Halloween party and see if anyone can guess what it is. Participant with the most number of correct answers wins!

SPECIAL TIP: You can also check out our Halloween Scene Setters that serve as amazing photo backdrop or even as a creative background for your Zoom call.

Hosting a virtual Halloween party may seem daunting but it can always turn out to be incredibly fun with everyone’s involvement. Find more ideas for other seasonal event celebrations on this page.

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