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Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Must-Haves

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and throw a party – whether you’re Irish or not. This early-spring holiday comes with endless creative opportunities for anyone who loves a good theme. When hosting one, you know you can't go wrong with green: green party decor, green food, green drinks, and—yep—even a green dress code.

We’ve rounded up some great party ideas to help you pull your St. Paddy’s Day celebration together with shamrock-inspired St. Patrick’s Day celebration essentials for you to explore.

    St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

    Go green and celebrate in style as you decorate for this special holiday. Set the scene right with festive St. Patrick’s Day decorations that you can mix and match to jazz up your space. Surely lots of luck and riches will come your way with these perfect decorative pieces.

    St. Patrick’s Day Balloons and Streamers

    Add a pop of color to your celebration with festive St. Patrick’s Day Balloons and Streamers that you can tie-in together and complement with your St. Patrick’s Day tableware to keep the theme going.

    Take your pick from four heart-shape latex balloons, festive foil shamrocks, leprechauns or hanging four-leaf clovers for that touch of green that you need!

    St. Patrick’s Day Tableware

    Get a taste of Ireland and remind your loved ones how lucky they made you feel as you gather together for a grand St. Patrick’s Day feast. Have everyone bring in a different Irish or green themed food or dessert. Alternatively, you can go for an Irish feast catering service complete with Irish music playing in the background – for the ultimate Irish experience.

    Get everyone in the mood to celebrate with a variety of clover-printed St. Patrick’s Day Tableware designs. From dessert and luncheon plates to paper cups and plastic cutlery, you can also shop for a variety of solid-colored green tableware to match your theme.

    St. Patrick’s Day Costumes and Apparel

    Dressing up is a fun way to celebrate this holiday! Encourage everyone to come dressed in green and show their Irish heritage by mixing n' matching our St. Patty’s Day top picks. Stock up on these fun St. Patrick’s Day Costumes and Accessories that you can easily hand out to your partygoers - perfect for insta-worthy photos. Grab hold of party hats, beads, costume accessories and so much more for that one of a kind St. Patrick’s Day event.

    St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

    Share the luck of the Irish with delightfully sweet and thoughtful St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors that you can give to your party guests. Find amazing party favors that you can add onto your party table for your party guests to take home or sprinkle chocolate coins that come in gold and green on tabletops so they can collect their own pot o’ gold. Our great selection of party favors ensures a little something for everyone!

    There you have it, some fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day party ideas that you can enjoy as much as you can on the very greenest day of the year. Whether you're truly Irish or not, it doesn't matter. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Let’s make this St. Patrick’s Day the best one yet.

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