Smurfs Party Ideas

Another Smurfs movie installment is out and pretty soon you’ll catch those kids all eager to celebrate and dance ala-Smurfs on their very own Smurf village dance party. Get your own smurftastic party started! Make sure you’ve got Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies to get those kids in the mood to sing “Ooh La La”.

Here are just some of the things you need to remember to make your Smurfs Party a success!

    Send out Smurftastic Invitations

    Send out invitations and fill it with essential party details. You can create your own party invitations by downloading images of the Smurfs on the internet and placing it on a cardstock or you can just buy ready-made ones such as these Smurfs Invitation Cards that you can easily send out to your guests. Try to toss in some blue confetti on your invitations for that special touch!

    Set up your Smurferrific Party Décor!

    Inflate blue, white and some red balloons and leave these floating around your party area. While you’re at it you can also go all-blue with your party decor as you hang curled blue ribbons, fluffy decorations, paper lanterns or even blue crepe streamers all over the place.

    Try hanging a Smurfs Birthday Banner to greet that young birthday girl or boy. You may hang this across or right above the party table. You can also add Blue Round Paper Lanterns to your party venue.

    Make sure you dress up your party table with a Smurfs Table Cover and complete your Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies as you set up those Smurfs Dinner plates, party cups, blue colored cutlery, and even tissues too for a fantastic coordinated theme.


    You might also want to consider jazzing up those water bottles by replacing its packaging with Smurfs-designed wrappers for a more personalized touch.

    Go for A Smurftacular menu!

    When it comes to your party menu, you can stick to party food ideas with Smurfs-inspired or blue-colored theme. For instance, you can prepare Smurf sandwiches shaped like a mushroom in a jiffy using a mushroom cookie or sandwich cutter!

    You may also try serving blue tortilla chips or blue mushroom designed cupcakes. Then, get your party guests to sip on Smurfreshing party drinks. Create your own Smurf Juice! All you need to do is simply mix club soda with blue Kool-Aid and tadah!

    Don’t forget to get that special birthday boy or girl her favorite birthday cake and just top it off with his or her favorite Smurfs character for that easy and hassle-free, personalized touch!

    Go for a Smurfin’ good time!

    Play some Smurfs songs and get all the kids dancing or singing along to it or play DVDs of a variety of Smurfs episodes that they can enjoy.

    Entertaining Smurftastic activities!

    Keep those kids entertained with a host of Smurftastic activities they’ll surely enjoy. Try a Face-painting activity, a fun and exciting hide-the-Smurfs-hat game and yes, even a challenging Smurfs Trivia Game.

    Be Smurfy!

    Get those kids in the mood for some dress up fun. Take inspiration from a variety of Smurfs costumes that we have which come in different sizes. We’ve got Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette and even Gargamel. Now they can be their favorite Smurf even just for a day!

    Cap off with Smurf-eriffic Party Favors!

    Keep the fun going as you hand out these Smurf-errific Party Favors to your guests. Go ahead and fill these Smurfs Party Bags or loot bags with lots of practical and useful giveaways. You may also include our playing Smurfs Snap Cards which come with 4 playing cards in a pack. You can also consider including Smurfs Notepads to your loot bags along with other party favors that you might have in mind.

Find more inspiration for your party theme by browsing through our Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies. You can also explore an array of other Children's Party Themes as you organize your own birthday party. You may also download your party checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.