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Kid-friendly virtual party ideas

Virtual parties are a great way for kids to celebrate with their friends while at home. Here are some kid-friendly virtual party ideas to help you pull off a successful online celebration.

    Choose where to host your virtual party

    There are many cool apps that you can use to host your virtual party – like Zoom, Skype and Facetime. Choose the best app to suit your virtual party needs.

    Choose a kid-friendly theme

    Explore an array of cool and exciting Children’s Birthday Party Themes that will surely get everyone in the mood to party – online! Order all the at-home party essentials in advance for your themed party online and have it delivered at your home or schedule a store pick up at a Party Centre superstore nearest you.

    Add fun party decorations

    Make your virtual party extra special by placing decorations to your backdrop and make your “party spot” at home – extra-special. Find great ideas from our Decorating Kits.

    You can also make use of balloons to create an impressive balloon backdrop by simply hanging up a bunch of balloons from the ceiling. Add curling ribbon or streamers in the mix and you have a totally awesome backdrop. Try to make a balloon arch and have your cutie pie sitting right in front of it.

    Otherwise, you can also make use of scene setters with props to serve as a unique backdrop to your virtual party. These photo props are also perfect for taking delightful screenshots – snapshots.

    Order online to have these virtual party at-home essentials delivered right at your home, or schedule a store pick-up at a Party Centre superstore nearest you.

    Yummy party food

    The best is to always prepare homemade party food right before your kid’s party starts. If your child’s friends live close by – like if they’re next-door neighbors, you can arrange a party food delivery straight to their homes. You can place those special party food treats and even party favors too on any of these delightful Party Boxes and Loot Bags.

    Virtual party games

      Keep those kids entertained with some simple virtual party games such as a digital birthday bingo, a scavenger hunt where the party host can get the kids looking inside their homes for specific items specifically those related to your child’s birthday theme.

      Kids can also play a fun Pictionary game. Simply create a list of birthday party words such as birthday cake, party favor, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. or words that have something to do with the birthday child like their hobbies, or any other list of favorites.

      Play video games together

      Host a watch party together. Kids can even chat to share their reactions while watching.

    EXTRA TIP: Why not hold a friendly song or dance competition and inform the kids in advance, to prepare something for your Virtual Home Talent Show Competition? This way, you not only keep the kids eager for your special prize giveaway, but also have everyone enjoy the lovely live entertainment.

There you have it, some awesome advice for your kid-friendly virtual party. Just like any party, the key to hosting a virtual party is good planning and preparation.