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Halloween in the UAE: How to look and dress up like a Zombie

‘Want to look like television’s most realistic zombies like the ones in The Walking Dead series? Here are some quick and easy tips on how to achieve the undead look in time for your Halloween at-home celebration or Walking Dead-themed virtual party.

    Step 1: Make your hair look greasy, flat and a little crusty. Try using some dry conditioner to give it that unkempt look.

    Step 2: “Zombify” your skin by applying liquid latex to “stretch and stipple” the skin.Get the slighty decomposed look of zombie skin by putting some latex on your face with a sponge, then stretch your skin tight and dry it with a handheld hairdryer. The latex will add wrinkle and give your skin some texture.

    Step 3: Place uncooked oatmeal over a layer of liquid latex to achieve the rotting skin look. Apply face powder and dry it with a hairdryer.

    Step 4: Create realistic-looking flesh wounds using a layer of liquid latex and put small ragged edged piece of tissue paper, facial tissue or cotton on top. Add more liquid latex over the tissue and wrinkle the edges up to achieve that eaten flesh look. Blow dry this with a hand dryer.

    Step 5: Use a water-based makeup or get pre-made zombie makeup kit to get the right skin tone. Use yellowish-brown base color to pale you out. Keep it muted and go for very earth tone.

    Step 6: For the zombie mouth stain, use black or brown liquid food coloring with a little mouthwash to get the dead-mouth look. It will help get rid of all the pink in the mouth, tongue and gums thus eliminating any signs of life.

    Step 7: Choose your preferred Zombie Halloween Costume and spritz this with brown or black food coloring placed in a spritz bottle to make it look even more dirty and old. Try splattering some fake blood too.

Now you’re all set to head into the zombie apocalypse in style and join the ranks of the undead army with your convincing zombie look! Happy Halloween!