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Easy Star Wars Party Games Ideas in UAE

Go for easy and creative Star Wars Birthday Party Games ideas that kids of all ages can enjoy indoors or outdoors and keep those little Jedis entertained all afternoon long here in Dubai!

    1. Pin the Hair Bun/Lightsaber on Princess Leia or Sith Lord

    A spin-off from the classic Pin the Tail On the Donkey game. Simply print out a giant poster of Princess Leia, a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord and safely blindfold those kids so they can eagerly take turns in pinning the Hair Bun or Lightsaber on the respective characters.

    2. Stormtrooper Face-Off

    Cut printables of Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers and stick these on bowling pins. Then let those kids have loads of fun playing that classic bowling game.

    3. Jedi Knight Trivia

    Find out if the Force is really with your Jedi knights with a simple and easy Star Wars/Jedi Knight quiz game. It’s perfect for kids of all ages!

    4. Star Wars Generations Party Game

    Challenge kids to try tossing the discs into the box. Kids will surely have a blast playing with this awesome game! You can either hang this game box or place it on a table. You might even want those little Jedis to put on their 3D glasses on for an even better experience and effect!

    5. Which Star Wars Character Said It?

    This game is perfect for kids who are a bit older. Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a piece of paper and pen. Read aloud some famous Star Wars quotes and have each of the teams write down the correct names of the Star Wars characters who said each quote. The team with the most right answers wins!

Now you can keep that Star Wars party theme spirit alive and kicking with these party games that kids of all ages here in Dubai will surely enjoy!

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