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Creative Ideas for hosting your Zoom virtual party

While real-life parties are out of the question these days, you can still find creative ways to celebrate your special day while social distancing. Here are some unique and creative ideas for hosting your own virtual party on the video conferencing platform Zoom:

    Set up a meeting on Zoom

    Invite all your loved ones for a virtual happy hour. If you want to make the celebration extra special, you can tell the guest of honor (aka ‘birthday boy’ or ‘birthday girl’) to sign on a little later than everyone else so everyone can sing “Happy Birthday” before the birthday boy/girl logs on.

    Plan your zoom theme

    Choose a fun virtual birthday party theme. Find inspiration from our Birthday Theme Parties that you can purchase online before the party. Send out an e-card invitation to your friends and loved ones so they can prepare for your online party.

    Party Tip: Set up a special backdrop for your virtual party and find ideas from our wide range of Birthday Party Decorations. which you can purchase in advance along with other at-home party essentials you can find at a Party Centre superstore nearest you. You can also try using backdrops available in the Zoom app.

    Create a Happy Birthday video montage

    Prepare a personalized video montage in advance where friends, family and loved ones can record their birthday wishes and put all of these together so you can play it during the virtual party. Simply “share screen” in zoom and presto! This gift is sure to be a memorable keepsake for years to come.

    Send a balloon bouquet or special dessert treats

    If you want to make the guest of honor feel extra special, try ordering delivery and choose a local bakery or restaurant with stellar desserts like cake and other baked goodies that you can send to the guest of honor.

    Special Drive-By Party Tip: Otherwise, you can also find a variety of balloon bouquet ideas that you can purchase online in advance at Party Centre and have it picked up at the Party Centre superstore nearest you so you can deliver it personally and drive-by the guest of honor’s place. Simply deck out your car with balloons and signs. Tell the birthday girl/ boy to look outside and sing “Happy Birthday” when they come to the door.

    Plan virtual activities such as online party games or hold a watch party

    Keep everyone entertained with some virtual party games like trivia, bingo, just to name a few.

    If everyone loves movies, how about doing a synchronized movie watching experience? You can even use the chat room feature on Zoom to share your thoughts on the film.

    Special Party Tip: Try to arrange for a live performance. Have someone perform a special live acoustic performance, song or dance number.

    Brunch or dinner, anyone?

    After your party activities, have everyone gather with their special party food for a hearty meal afterwards.

There you have it, some simple and easy ideas to make your quarantine birthday truly memorable. We can all find better ways to make the best of this time of social distancing and continue to celebrate together, apart.