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Creative Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

There are many ways to entertain your guests on your Easter Party . Among the activities that kids of all ages usually look forward to during this event aside from Easter Egg Hunting is Easter Egg Decoration or Easter Egg Dying.

Help those kids give their Easter eggs a refreshing look as you teach them to try a variety of creative approach when it comes to designing those eggs.

    Tattoo Eggs

    Aside from dying those hardboiled Easter eggs, you can also try using a variety of temporary or fake tattoos to decorate those Easter eggs. Apply it on those eggs as you normally would on skin. These no-dye eggs will certainly be a hit among kids of all ages! Take inspiration from this fun and vibrant variety of Tattoos that we have in store for you.

    Ombre Eggs

    Go ombre and make the most chic and trendy eggs that you and even that Easter bunny have ever laid eyes on! Use an Egg Dying Kit for soaking those eggs in varying amount of time. Take these out quickly for a hint of color then leave some longer to achieve a rich hue.

    Moustache Eggs

    Make dapper-looking eggs as you try drawing curly and handlebar moustaches on your Easter egg’s shell surfaces. You can also try sticking some ready-made mini moustaches on those eggs for a perfect final touch!

    Reveal your EGGspression!

    Dye those eggs yellow and use black markers or a variety of Paint Pens to draw a variety of facial expressions on those Easter eggs. Let these add a fun accent on your eggs. Break free from the ordinary and show your unique EGGS-pression with it.

    No-Dye Glitter Eggs

    You can even make those eggs shine with this simple and easy no-dye trick! Try rolling those Easter Eggs on glitter. Use a variety of Glitter Tubes to help you achieve that fancy look. Serve these glittering eggs on a colorful variety of Easter Egg Trays to make it look even more enticing.

There you have it, some creative easter egg decoration ideas! Make sure you also check out our quick, think-ahead Party Checklist so you won’t miss out on any party essentials.

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