80's Party Supplies

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Totally 80's Square Plates 7in, 8pcs
AED ‎17.00
Totally 80's Square Plates 10in, 8pcs
AED ‎28.00
Totally 80's Beverage Tissues 16pcs
AED ‎16.00
Totally 80's Lunch Tissues 16pcs
AED ‎18.00
Totally 80's Cups 9oz, 8pcs
AED ‎16.00
Totally 80's Buttons 10pcs
AED ‎25.00
Totally 80's Foil Banner 25ft
AED ‎20.00
Rock Star Beverage Tissues 36pcs
AED ‎25.00
Rock Star Vacuum Form Bowl 11in
AED ‎18.00
Rock Guitar Glasses
AED ‎32.00
Rock Star Postcard Invitations 20pcs
AED ‎29.00
Rock Star Giant Star Banner
AED ‎48.00
Rock Star Value Pack Cutouts 30pcs
AED ‎32.00
Rock Star Wall Decorations 2ct
AED ‎24.00
Rock Star Printed Dangling Cutouts 3pcs
AED ‎22.00
Rock Star Honeycomb Centerpiece
AED ‎32.00
Rock Star Door Decoration 4ft
AED ‎29.00
80's Fun Shades
AED ‎34.00
Shades 80s Neon Flip Up Shades
AED ‎37.00
Headband 80's Lace With Bow
AED ‎15.00
Love The 80's T-Shirt - Adult
AED ‎70.00
Neon Tile Belt
AED ‎55.00
Rock On Tattoo Sleeve
AED ‎64.00
Rock Star Mohawk Wig
AED ‎64.00


Adult Ripped T-Shirt-One Size
AED ‎80.00
Exercise Maniac Character Kit
AED ‎170.00


Multi Star Dangle Earings
AED ‎40.00