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Host your own quarantine theme virtual party

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and so much more while hanging out virtually with your loved ones from afar as we usher into the age of social video call. Find fun-filled quarantine theme virtual party ideas to make your social distancing party a memorable one here:

    Select the right video conferencing app

    Set up a video call and choose the ideal app with video conferencing capabilities that suit you best. Choose from Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. If you’re hosting the meeting with Zoom, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro account or have to restart the meeting every 40 minutes when the free version runs out. On the other hand, Skype and Google Hangouts don’t set time limits.

    It’s ideal to use your laptop than your mobile phone Having a laptop set up on a table in front of you is more convenient to use, allowing you to move around freely. It also makes it easier for you to eat and drink rather than holding a phone up at a face height for an extended period of time. The video and sound quality also tend to be lower coming from your phone.

    EXTRA TIP: To look your best, place your laptop on a stable laptop stand, stack of books or any improvised elevated platform. While you’re at it, check your background before you go live. You can order decorations online at Party Centre and have it delivered a few days before your party or you can arrange for a pick up especially for your last minute ‘virtual party supplies’ run. Check out our Decorating Kits that has all the party decoration essentials for your desired theme. As an alternative, you can also queue up on some virtual backgrounds available online.

    Plan some virtual games and online activities

    Plan on having “share screen” karaoke, dance parties, trivia/quiz games and other classic party games like charades or Pictionary. To make your ‘guessing games’ even more exciting and delightful, you may consider using some costume props and accessories for a unique game experience. You can also try watching a movie together virtually. The possibilities for online activities are endless!

    EXTRA TIP: Try to hold scavenger hunts to take advantage of your separate locations and get everyone moving around a bit. The party host can name an object and everyone else has a certain amount of time (say, 30seconds) to find in their own house. Example: A hand sanitizer with a pump, a floral pillowcase, and so much more.

    Choose a Theme

    When planning for your quarantine parties, a party theme can definitely set the mood right for your online party. Find creative party themes here

    Get Dressed Up

    Ask your virtual party attendees to get creative with their attire and suggest a themed dress code for your virtual happy hour. Find inspiration from whatever everyone has in the closet available or otherwise, you can always order a costume online or schedule a pickup at any Party Centre store nearest you.

    Customize your playlist

    What’s a party without music? Set the mood right with a festive playlist that suits your theme party.

    Don’t forget the party food

    Encourage all the online party attendees to prepare food and drink for themselves to have during your themed virtual party. You can also go for food delivery or whip up your own party food and drinks. Share a meal together online while celebrating with the guest of honor.

There you have it some quick and easy to follow, quarantine virtual party tips and ideas. By figuring out how to host your own quarantine virtual party, you can definitely make your celebrations worth remembering for years to come!

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