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7 Eid celebration at-home Ideas

After the spiritually charged month of fasting, now’s the time to start the preparation for your Eid celebration.

Here are some ideas on how you can create an Eid al-Adha atmosphere for your at-home celebration so you can enjoy the festival together with your family while practicing social distancing too.

Start planning with the whole family

Get everyone involved in the party. Ask everyone for ideas especially the kids on the type of food that they want or what activities they like for your Eid celebration.

Decorate for Eid

Decide whether you’re going to celebrate Eid inside or outside your home. Go all out when it comes to decorating your home for Eid. Make it whimsical and fun with bright-colored festive decorations to greet your guests. Try hanging Eid banners to make the place livelier. You may also complement it with Eid Celebration Honeycomb Decorations or create a warm and inviting, festive feel to your Eid celebration with these Eid Hot Stamped Paper Lanterns. You can place these across the room or just above the doorway. Plus, you can also try including a dazzling display of colorful Eid Celebration Balloons to your decoration.

Delightful Food

Eid is a great time to gather the family to enjoy mouth-watering dishes with the entire family. Try cooking everyone’s favorite food or if you don’t fancy cooking, you can also try ordering some amazing takeaways. Make sure you also got those delightfully sweet and colorful cupcakes and other treats across the dessert table too. You can serve it on this great Eid printed premium tableware.


Celebrate Eid in style and find all the party decoration essentials for your celebration in this Eid Decorating Kit that comes complete with balloon bouquet, sign decorations, letter banners and elegant premium tableware for 8 people.

Dress up for Eid

Get the whole family all dolled up for this special at-home celebration. Spend precious quality time with the family and don’t forget to take lots of awesome photos together.

Fun Eid Activities

Go for family-friendly activities that you and the kids can enjoy during the party such as coloring, painting, paper craft making and the likes. It’s a great bonding activity for the whole family and it can truly make your Eid celebration a happy and memorable one.

Virtual Eid Greetings

While some of us may still be in lockdown during Eid and may not be able to see other family members, you can still use social media, zoom, and other chat apps to stay in touch with your family and friends from other parts of the globe. You can let those video calls running the entire day.

Gift-giving in Eid

When it comes to gift giving, chocolates and dates are fantastic must-have gift ideas. You can also go for handmade crafts that come in beautiful designs. It’s important to find out what your recipient really likes especially the kids. Hand your Eid gifts to your guests after the party and put a smile on their faces. You can place these on charming and attractive Eid Mubarak Large Glossy Bags. Then, accentuate it with ribbons or you can choose from other special designed and colored Gift Bags to make it convenient and hassle-free. Let them know how much you appreciate being with them on this special occasion.

Now you’re all set for your very own Eid celebration at home. Find more inspiration for your party by browsing our Eid Party Supplies. Have a blessed Eid everyone!

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