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5 Simple Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan and create long lasting memories with your loved ones with budget-friendly Ramadan party supplies for a special and memorable celebration. We’ve put this easy quick list together so you can get started on your party planning and celebrate Ramadan right in the comfort of your own homes.

    BALLOONS & STREAMERS - starts at AED 7.50

    Jazz up that stellar Ramadan celebration and add some festive cheer with star and crescent –shaped Ramadan balloons and streamers that come in an array of colors, sizes and designs!


    DECORATIONS starts at AED 12!

    Get in the holiday spirit with Ramadan Decoration ideas to embellish your home with such as lanterns and string lights. Lights bring a joyful atmosphere and lanterns are used to welcome Ramadan. You can place these ornamental lanterns around your home and use string lights to wind up in your stair banister, frame your party table, or even place it outdoors.

    You can also add a dash of color to your fun-filled celebration by including hanging swirl decorations, decorative rosettes, glitter and foil cutouts, display signage and so much more!


    PARTY ACCESSORIES starts at AED 32!

    Bake some sweet Ramadan or Eid party treats and cupcakes. Decorate it with with Ramadan party accessories such as festive toppers and showcase these in elegant treat stands.


    PARTY FAVORS starts at AED 8!

    Share the love this festive season. Make those Ramadan gifts and favors look extra special when you place it on amazing glossy Ramadan party favor bags.


    PRINTED TABLEWARE starts at AED 17

    Have that spread of banquet-style dishes beautifully laid out in ornate Ramadan tableware surrounded by colorful lanterns to decorate your whole Eid or Iftar table with ease!


There’s truly something magical about Arabia - a feeling that’s often captured and shared during the holy month. Embrace this season and capture it with our easy DIY Ramadan party tips sure to get everyone loving those Ramadan vibes.

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